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Save the date: fairs FW 2020/2021 to learn about the new Spring’85 collection

The theme of sustainability is always very current in the field of fashion and for the entire production chain that produces it.
The trade fairs for FW 2020/2021 , to which Spring’85 will take part , mark the theme on the eco-sustainability of the product and how it fits between the world of fashion and nature.
Spring’85 for every idea and every production, guarantees buttons made in Italy with materials and recycling processes for a circular production far from  damaging waste for the planet.

The collection that we will be presenting for the season you display custom metal buttons, jeans rivets and the everlasting snaps button with various shapes and sizes that will reflect the crazy trend.

The events not to miss, are:

Milano Unica: 9, 10, 11 July 2019 and the theme ECO-EROTICA
The themes that challenge our creations, show the apparent disagreement of two realities: the seductive and selfish  shade of eroticism and the altruistic tendency for the salvation of the planet.

A Vitruvian fashion, whose center features the aesthetic complacency dictated by the pressure of the social media  but which, at the same time, needs to find harmony with something more immense like the conscious respect for the environment.
Spring’85 offers many types of processing: inlays, diamond-cut and galvanic finishes that simulate the effects of the most avant-garde diktats of fashion.
-Première Vision – 17,18, 19 September 2019:
“The season 20-21 invites a more human, protective, seductive, often moving and fascinating fashion”.
The whole fair has been inspired by the photographs that Bertil Nilsson took for the event and which portray the human being, understood as a “human form” in the constantly changing natural environment.
The result  of this research are shown by immaterial textures, in contrast with vivid  and passionate  and then concluding  with bright, pigmented earth tones.
Spring’85 will set out this journey through prints, paints and pad printing that follow the interpretation of eco-sustainability from the point of view of the  metal accessory.
Meanwhile Save the date !!!!!