Environmental health is a goal pursued by our desire to improve.

Sustainability is a very important concept. In Spring 85 we give a cardinal role to the philosophy that animates our production chain.

This principle finds its realization in the very low use of water, in the continuous attention to waste and in the use of renewed energy generated by photovoltaic panels. A surface area of ​​1,400 square meters produces 220,000 kwh of energy a year with a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of over 118,000 kg a year.

The steel, brass and copper we use for our products come mainly from Italian suppliers and comply with all the increasingly tight regulations imposed by the clothing market. Moreover, stainless steel is entirely made from scrap and treated in full respect of the circular economy.

In addition to the wide range of galvanic colors card, we developed and improved a selected array of finishes and colors which are completely sustainable thanks to tumbling and the use of natural substances such as ceramics, sawdust or corn cob.

Once the production cycle is completed, we recycle the processing waste to limit scraps.

In fact, every day we separate the discarded materials into containers for the collection and the re- transformation to raw materials ready to be worked again. In this way we are able to use 100% of the processing waste that we produce by closing our production cycle saving costs on the purchase of new raw materials.

Sustainability rhymes with Ethics

We value the word sustainability and the ethics beyond these principles by adhering to the Oeko tex standard 100 certification, issued by Centro Tessile Cotoniero and Abbigliamento Spa., one of the most important certifications that ensures the regulation of the substances used in our productions.

Furthermore, we only use certified electricity from renewable sources in our production facilities.
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Moreover  to complete our  engagement on this  cause we participate to the SMETA procedure (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) 4 pillars,  a social audit conducted by an external body, which has verified the excellent conditions in the ethical and social sphere in which Spring ’85 works .For us, a sustainable atmosphere is not only meant in environmental terms but also social, as a strong indicator of a better present and future.

In fact, our goal is to create the ideal coexistence between work and environmental pleasure where all the people involved are sensitive and responsible towards the product and the impact that it has beyond its specific function, keeping an eye open to the future.

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