The best results at the lowest price for Planet health

Safeguarding the environment is an objective that goes together with our desire to improve.

Photovoltaic systems

In 2011, about 1,400 square meters of photovoltaic systems have been installed. This system is
able to produce an average of 220,000 kwh per year, reducing the emission of carbon dioxide of more than 118,000 kg per year.

The recycling of materials

Everyday all discarded materials is divided and stocked separately in different special containers.
In the second step, all the discards are transformed into new recycled ribbons of raw material ready to be processed again. In this way, we reduce production waste and save costs on the purchase of further raw material.

Attention to the waste

We bring attention to the environment even in our simplest daily gestures saving water and electricity, but also limiting to the maximum of powder emission in the processing stages

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