low environmental impact during metal buttons production

Production of jeans buttons and press buttons with low environmental impact

Thanks to  the photovoltaic system, Spring ’85 produces 30% of its electricity needs. This means that the company, using solar energy, releases less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere for the production of buttons. Since the photovoltaic plant started to work, 1,081,922 kg of CO2 have not been spread  into the atmosphere.

In addition to the important aspect of carbon dioxide emission reduction, Spring ’85 uses recycled raw materials deriving from previous productive processes. None of the components, whether wastes or production wastes, is thrown away , otherwise ,it is consciously put in a special container for subsequent rework.

Starting from this point,   we are creating  a capsule collection of jeans buttons and rivets with a low environmental impact. We try to reduce the consumption of water to a minimum and we do not use chemical agents for the finishing phases. We are using , though, mainly natural products to give birth to different finishes.