Metal tack buttons for jeans

The timeless jeans buttons of Spring ’85

Jeans Buttons : One of the main characters of our catalogue is the timeless tack button closed with nail, omnipresent in all casual trousers, jackets and shirts. Customizable and modelled in all its parts, this metal tack buttons for jeans is available in many sizes and colors.
In the early seventies, producing companies started making buttons by creating beautiful objects in cheaper materials such as brass, copper and stainless.
Our production offers a wide choice of raw materials, of standard products but also the possibility to personalize through our 3D design services.
 The jeans buttons made history of fashion, and in part, they have contributed to writing ours as well. But a written history is an history that must continue. Fashion has to be studied, anticipated and looked at with a critical spirit to dominate it with style.

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