Press Buttons

Spring’ 85 has been specialized in the manufacturing of press buttons for clothing. We address our work both to the very sophisticated and precious brands as well as to those more industrialized but who decide not to put aside the quality of the button.
A custom accessory made with care and attention, makes unique a piece of clothing; and with this idea we produce our buttons and accessories.


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Discover our press buttons

Press button for clothes Alpha

‘S’ spring type snap

bottone a pressione

Metal snap button Kappa

ring spring type snap

bottone a pressione metallico

Metal snap fastener MU

prong type snap

bottone a pressione maglie, maglioncini, cardigan

Press stud closure Eyelet

with pierced snap cap that makes the stud head visible

bottoni a occhiello

Pressure Buttons for clothes – An indispensable accessory

It 1886 Albert-Pierre Raymond invented the new button-spring clip most commonly known as a press button.
The story tells that the producers of gloves, at the time, were tired of the traditional method of button to sew and eyelet , so that they asked for something different and more handy. The idea was to keep the traditional form avoiding the passage of the buttons in hole, which was often difficult and uncomfortable. So that, the press button became the most used accessory and its success was immediate.
Nowadays, the press button is formed by two parts which, overlapping and subjected to pressure, are blocked. The typical shape is rounded.
One of the two parts has a small protrusion, called male or stud, which fits into the cavity in the other half of the button, called a female or spring.

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