Custom snap buttons

Kappa snap buttons, an absolute certainty!

metal snap buttons

Kappa snaps buttons (CS) are a must-have to decorate with resistant closures, for jackets, anoraks, trousers, cuffs. These custom metal snap buttons are recommended especially for sportswear and military uniforms. They are available in different sizes and materials, singled pinned or with two-prong nails e for more fibrous textile .Moreover, our stainless steel series is strongly advised for technical workwear and for sailing clothing.

Unlike the BS system, the KAPPA seal is due to an inside ring, which determines the endurance of the snap by giving excellent closing resistance.

Buttons for all: standard or customized

Kappa metal snap buttons can be chosen among the classic creations, or they can be custom made.

To meet all the demands of the most creative minds, we offer a targeted advice to designers who want to create something new, something never seen, and something that could set out the new the rules of fashion system becoming a trend to follow.

Colors, shapes, materials, graphics can be studied ad hoc with our professional technicians and 3D designs.

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