Press stud closure

Eyelets Buttons

Press stud closure Eyelet

The quality by a swapping of eyelet!

Born as spontaneous evolution of MU buttons, the eyelet press stud closure let the user to play with creativity.
This particular press button whose head is perforated, reveals the top of stud once closed, with the result of a more refined and elegant taste.

Thanks to its good and standard endurance, the Eyelet press button it’s the ideal for both decorative and practical purposes on many different fabrics and garments such as shirts, sweaters, jackets, dresses, cardigans, suits, pants and cuffs.

A matter of style

Also for this category of articles, our team of experts is available for new creative designs, for new details to embellish all creations and for new possible customizations in terms of materials, shapes, sizes and graphics.

For all technical drawings, we use modern 3D software, which allow us to envisage the perfect results of the proposed ideas.

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