Trousers hook and bar closures


The most discreet fastening

Invisible and discreet, the trousers hook and bar closures are an elegant solution and alternative to the classic and visible buttons. Therefore, they are the closure choices for outerwear, tailored suits and cardigans as well as on children clothing for their easiness in fastening.
This solution consists of 4 parts which allow a simple, practical, fast and internal fastening to the garment, which avoids any kind of interruption on the surface of the fabric.
On an elegant dress, the hook is preferred to the button, which could not match the design of the piece of clothing.The internal invisible application is one of his vantages, particularly where a clean, minimal and elegant look is required.
It is an accessory that tailors and designers consider essential. The material is durable and adapts to any kind of fabric and pattern.
An added value , impossible to do without.
The production of Spring’85 trousers hooks is simple but effective and is in line with trends in continuous development.

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