Custom made buttons

How Spring ’85 gives birth to a jeans button

The realization of a button starts always from a very first draft of a project.

During the design phase, our technical department translate ideas into a final concrete rendering of button, by facing “Vis à Vis” the customer choices.

Envisaging a stylist’s idea requires remarkable technical skills. It should be emphasized that,Spring ’85 products must be framed in the category called “cut metal” : this is a technique through which, a mold slices off the raw material ribbons (brass, copper, steel and iron) in a printing press machine by giving birth to a cut round cap.

Very important for this process is the perfect shape of the mold, which comes from a 3D rendering. To be more precise, the mold is tested several times on small piece of metal to see the realization of the customization in the slightest details.

The next step is the actual printing of the caps that will compose our button in the press machine. After that, the caps must be cleaned and polished with specific products. The washing and polishing process ensures the best base for galvanizing the metal. The caps go then through galvanic process together with the samples of color that must be realized and re-checked, once come back you from our Quality Control.

The following step is to assemble the cap with the shank (the back of the button). The assemblage can be manual, for precious items, or in the machine depending on the need of the product. Our mechanics program the machines to ensure the correct assembly according to the referent sample. After a second check and selection made by the Quality Control, the product is ready to be packaged.

The warehousemen, with care, packs the products through packaging machines or by hand, placing the them in labelled boxes ready to be shipped everywhere in the world.

Here is how we give birth to a jeans button : with care, precision and style.

How to customize a jeans button

Customizable parts 🎨 Size, Cap shape, Shank, Finish
Available size (mm)📏 12.5, 14, 15.5, 16, 17, 18.3, 19, 20, 22, 24, 30
Head shapes 🔘 Flat, coin effect, rounded, hammered, high-depressed, edge, concave and others
Colors 🔹 More than 200
Price 💰 Request a quote

A jeans tack button differs one to another on four basic features based on:

  • Size
  • Cap shape
  • Shank
  • Finish

The available size are (in mm): 12.5, 14, 15.5, 16, 17, 18.3, 19, 20, 22, 24 and 30.

Head shapes are innumerable and customizable, the most used shapes are:

  • flat
  • coin effect
  • rounded
  • hammered
  • high-depressed edge
  • concave
  • pierced
  • and many other forms.

The main shank for jeans buttons are:

  • covered shank
  • 1-prong- nail-shank
  • swivel shank
  • two-prongs- nail-shank and nylon.

From the type shank chosen by the customer, depends the choice of the jeans button nail. The Spring ’85 galvanic color card is extraordinary, with over than 200 colors and endless customizations.

bottoni in metallo personalizzati

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