Spring '85 yesterday and today

It all stems from a passion

Telling a story is just describing the facts, but sometimes words are not enough to describe a life. Spring ’85 was born from an idea, which come from a passion and continuous research of innovations. It is not only the story of a company, but is the story of a team of people, a journey that only those who lived it, can tell.

When was Spring ’85 born?

"Spring ’85 takes its origin in the name: it was born in 1985, but since then, it has been continuously growing up and changed to follow and anticipate the trends of fashion."

Why a button factory?

"The engine of all entrepreneurs is the desire to become protagonists of their own history and architects of their own future.

I have been working for years in a button factory. In 1985, I felt inside the desire to create something that would personally involve me; something that could show off my skills and that could change the rules of the game. I wanted to leave a small hallmark on the world of the production of buttons."

In the meanwhile, more than 30 years go by ….

"Of course, it was not so easy! Difficulties generate the most important changes, while the adaptation capacity determines the character of company and its future.

This trip would not last such a long time, if I could not count on a very motivated and prepared team. We were all characterized by the same desire to create something new, at all risks."

How important is the risk for a business enterprise?

"The risk is all, and not only in the professional field, but also in everyday life. Spring ’85 would never have been born without confidence and tenacity, but especially without questioning many certainties of life.

Spring ’85 was born without a real market, without a real planning, simply by the desire to do it. The first structure was a single warehouse and I worked practically alone.
Later then, gradually, thanks to the enhanced customers ‘confidence; the team and production were expanded. Now, we produce up to 13,000 customizations, virtually 500 per year, 68 employees, 5,000 square meters and orders from around the world."

Let us about your team: how important are people in all this?

"People make the companies. Spring ’85 always tries to give its collaborators the possibility to work in the best ways, in safety and with efficiency.

We try to create synergy among our team members by sharing skills and passion for this job."

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