Made in Italy buttons manufacturing

Quality, creativity, flexibility: the three ingredients of success.

We combine the tradition of Made in Italy with innovation.
The Made in Italy clothing is a guarantee of quality and creativity. Over the years, the great Italian craftsmanship has grown and evolved.
For the Made in Italy buttons, Spring’85 uses only high quality materials, high precision machines, sophisticated equipment, but also creativity, innovation, and originality.
The fashion industry in Italy demands our maximum adaptability, in order to transform into real products, all ideas, even the most innovative, of fashion designers, brands and manufacturers. Producing a completely Made in Italy button is our goal.
This desire is our starting point to create buttons, hooks and rivets, for the most common applications, or specifically customized in shape, colors and finishes, to support even those who choose to rewrite the rules of fashion.
Our production is entirely made in italy, realizated in the industrial site of Maserà di Padova. It is here where all ideas take shape and where we try to improve day by day putting together two concepts so different and yet complementary: tradition and innovation. We want to evolve within the Italian scenario and we want our jeans and press buttons to be appreciated and recognized as unique.

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