jeans rivets: copper, brass and steel

Production for jeans rivets

In 1871, Jacob Davis experienced that the rivets were suitable for reinforcing the toughest stitches of work trousers, such as the corners of the pockets. Later on, Levi Strauss patented and perfected its use. In the past, jeans were the typical pants of workers, mechanics, peasants and masons because of the resistance of the textile and their easiness in wearing. Nowadays, jeans are real glamorous garments.
Despite this, the denim rivets continue to reinforce the most vulnerable parts of our jeans, but become decorative accessories developed in their endless variations to give a touch of extra style to denim pants.

What is the use of rivets?

Denim rivets are small metal item on jeans. Placed in places subject to wear and tear, like both on frontal and back pockets, they prevent the jeans from wearing out and tearing easily, increasing their durability over time. Denim rivets are completely customizable with embossed logos and different colors. The customizations are endless in terms of materials: from steel to copper, from brass to iron. This metal item make your trousers more resistant at the same time appear as glamorous elements.

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