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Press buttons

We create customized snap buttons with care and attention to make unique your clothes.

For over thirty years, Spring ’85 has specialized in the production of metal press buttons, also known as snap or fasteners. The basic materials used are brass, steel and iron.

We address to both the niche market, like those brands who makes of the details their hallmark, or for a more industrialized market who needs quality clip buttons to fix to their garments.

Spring '85 specializes in making snap fasteners.

How is a 
snap button made?

A press-stud consists of four parts: head, spring, stud and eyelet.

Once the four components have been fixed on textile, the button allows the user to fasten the two edges of a garment quickly and elegantly.

What are the types of snap buttons?

Press buttons can be divided into three main categories, which differ from one another in the type of spring (the pierced component that allows pressure closure):

What color are the snap buttons?

Snap fasteners can have infinite color variations, so in addition to the classic galvanic finishes: gunmetal, gold, white bronze, we can also create customized

The history of the snap button

was 1886 when Albert-Pierre Raymond invented the new spring-button-clip, more commonly known as a snap button, or clip.The story goes that the glove makers of the time, tired of the traditional method of opening and fastening of the classical sew button, asked for something different.
The idea was to maintain the traditional shape but avoid an uncomfortable step. This is how the snap button becomes the favorite accessory and its success was immediate.

Today we can define the clip button as a device, made up of two parts, which, when superimposed and subjected to pressure, lock together. The typical shape is rounded. One of the two parts has a small protuberance, called male or stud, which fits into the cavity in the other half of the button, called female or spring.

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