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The jeans Buttons is main characters of our catalogue is the timeless tack button closed with nail, omnipresent in all casual trousers, jackets, shirts and clothing in general. Customizable and modelled in all its parts, this metal tack buttons for jeans are replacements available in many sizes and colors.

There are small details that very often go unnoticed. Their presence is so obvious that you do not even care, while jeans buttons and rivets are a fundamental part of the most worn pants in the world. The primary function is the practical and resistant closure of the garment in all conditions; but over the years, the tendency has been to create an object, not only functional, but also fashion. Spring ’85 has been working for over thirty years to satisfy market demands and at the same time to create its own collection to anticipate trends.

The Maximum customization

The button for jeans is the “core product” of Spring ’85 manufacture. Our jeans buttons are customizable through the choice of the most suitable logo, the different shapes of cap (rounded, flat, coin effect, pierced etc.), the shank and nail for application. Moreover, Spring ’85 has a very wide color card, customizable according to the most demanding requirements of the market.
With a view to both personalization and sustainability of your garment, we have created a replacement button that can be removed and fixed any times you want: SPIN.

The jeans metal buttons made history of fashion, and in part, they have contributed to writing ours as well. However, a written history is a history that must continue. Fashion has to be studied, anticipated and looked at with a critical spirit to dominate it with style and unique design.

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