Environmental health is a goal pursued by our desire to improve.

Sustainability is a very important concept. In recent years, the attention of the global market to this issue has oriented Spring '85 towards an attitude of continuous improvement in respect of both social and environmental aspects.

We follow an ethic code that has become a point of reference for both collaborators and all the stakeholders with whom we interface

bottone sostenibile

The primary objective of this code is to satisfy, the needs of collaborators and customers by promoting a high level of professionalism, prohibiting behaviors that are in contrast with the provisions and regulations, but also with the values in which the Company firmly believes in, such as collaboration and social responsibility.

Furthermore, the awareness of preserving the environment for us and for future generations has become of fundamental importance and every day we are committed to the intelligent use of resources, reduction of water consumption and pollution with an opened eye on the recycling.


Our energy is produced by the use of photovoltaic panels, which cover the roof of our buildings.
A surface area of ​​1,400 square meters of photovoltaic panels allow us to cover half of our annual energy needs, the other part of energy that is not self-produced comes from renewable sources


Our machines are energy efficient.


In our production processes, the use of water is almost close to zero.


Within the extensive galvanic folder that we offer, we have selected section dedicated to sustainable finishes and colors thanks to tumbling and the use of natural substances such as ceramics, sawdust or corncob.


Our steel, brass and copper come mainly from Italian suppliers and comply with all the increasingly stringent regulations imposed by the clothing market. Stainless steel is entirely made from scrap and treated in full respect of the circular economy. Once the production cycle is completed, we recycle the processing waste to limit scraps.Every day we separate the discarded materials into containers and transform them into raw material ready to be re-worked again. In this way we are able to use 100% of the production scraps to close in a perfect way our circular production.

Sustainability rhymes with ethics

Sustainability for us is full of meaning and the ethical code we share with our customers safeguards these values. Spring ’85 , every year renews the Oeko tex standard 100 certification, issued by Centro Tessile Cotoniero e Abbigliamento Spa., one of the most important certifications that ensures the regulation of the substances used in our sector.

Our goal is to create the ideal coexistence between working and environmental harmony where all the people involved are sensitive and responsible towards the product and the impact that arises outside, keeping an eye open to the future.

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