Buttons and rivets design and production

R&D – The development lays in continuous research.

Design buttons and rivets productions.

The details talk about care and dedication. It is the smallest element that makes a piece of clothing unique and inimitable by showing the endless perfection researched by the creators.
We believe in the innovation of the production of buttons and we put all the effort in it.
We believe that the pursuit of perfection is reflected into the desire of discovering, of evolving, of changing to open up new roads, even the most unthinkable.
Every day, with this mood, we share with designers and fashion experts our passion to give birth to new buttons trends, with the ambitious idea of anticipating them first.
Continuous research is a stimulus, as well as, working alongside our customers: we welcome their challenges and we experience them on our products.

Attention to the environment

Environmental safeguarding fits in this perspective and meets the choices we made, year after year, to reduce the impact of our production.
Since 2011, about 1,400 square meters of photovoltaic systems have been installed. This system is able to produce an average of 220,000 kwh per year, reducing the emission of carbon dioxide of more than 118,000 kg per year.
Everyday all discarded materials are divided and stocked separately in different special containers. In the second step, all the discards are transformed into new recycled ribbons of raw material ready to be processed again.
We bring attention to the environment even in our simplest daily gestures saving water and electricity, but also limiting to the maximum of powder emission in the processing stages.
Innovation for the production of buttons starts from here.

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