Jeans button manufacturer


«Our challenge is to improve even our best product

cit. Carlo Favarato, founder »

Jeans buttons manufactures: Details are a serious matter. In our working concept :buttons, hooks and rivets are not just useful objects, they are real accessories for clothing which ,besides having a practical function, decorate and embellish the garments.
To make these unique and exclusive accessories, we have chosen to protect our Made in Italy product characterized by the quality of Italian tradition by collaborating with designers and industrial experts to follow and anticipate fashion trends.
All this, always keeping an eye opened towards environmental sustainability.

Custom buttons

All press buttons for clothes, jeans tack buttons, four-hole buttons and jeans rivets are fully customizable!

Jeans buttons are mainly made up of two components: the cap and the shank.

The cap is customizable from several point of views:

  • size
  • shape
  • color and type of logo: engraved or embossed, pantograph or lasered.

In addition, the shank can be of several types:

  • covered
  • nylon
  • swivel
  • pierced for one or two prongs nail.

The various personalization are decided upon the definition of the new article, in this way the technical department , can fulfill the “product data sheet” with all necessary info for the production. It is with the “product data sheet” that begins the article’s life, which will be processed through the following steps: printing of caps, cleaning, galvanization, quality checking, assembling, further checking and stock transfer with packaging. The same production process also takes place for press buttons, jeans rivets and threaded buttons.

Everything is always under the supervision of our Quality Control Team that guarantees perfect performance throughout all stages of production.

Quality of “Made in Italy” above all.

custom buttons and rivets