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The jeans button must be fixed with its relative underpart: the nail. For these articles, you need to use manual presses on which to screw specific tools according to the sizes and shapes of the articles.

Automatic or semi-automatic machines which perform the same function can also be used. The press buttons, otherwise, consist of four parts:

A head (visible part)

B spring (female for spring)

C stud (male for spring)

D stud (the inner back part).

These elements must be applied two by two (A+B and C+D) with the same method as jeans buttons and rivets.
4/5 weeks
2 weeks
Yes, we also sell customized application tools which follow the shape of the button, to prevent it from deforming during application.
As a service to our customers, we also sell application presses.
We do not sell collection items, as we customize each item, but we have some neutral article (without logo or with neutral logo) always available.
Usually 1,000pcs for a button and 3,000pcs for a rivet, butwe can customize your requests.
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