Patented button


Spin is a one of a kind! Our patented jeans button is completely customizable in shape, color and logo.

What makes it different from the other detachable buttons that are out there?

  • Easily applicable with both automatic machines and manual press;
  • It does not require special application tools;
  • Once applied, it can be unscrewed with a simple screwdriver and it can be screwed back both on the same garment and on another garment, or even thrown in the waste bin for correct separation of the materials;
  • No need to pre-pierce the fabric;
  • Suitable for different types of fabric;
  • Manufactured with recycled materials.

We have completed the set of detachable buttons by adding the detachable rivet to the family!Like SPIN, the rivet is also easily applicable both with automatic machines and with the manual press and can be customized in terms of logo and color. It can be unscrewed with a screwdriver and reapplied or separated from the fabric for correct separate collection.

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