Press buttons for clothes

Alpha snaps, the button for any need!

press buttons

The Alpha buttons (or BS) are the most common and used press buttons for clothes, as they are suitable for different applications on lots of materials. They are press automatic buttons, which let to open and close very easily shirts, pants, jackets and cuffs.

The double spring S system, which gives the name to the product, ensures good endurance thanks to the snap-open of different strengths: soft, normal and hard.

For whatever you are looking for: classic or fashion

The Alpha buttons can be chosen among the infinite number of existing classical proposals, or “ad hoc”, following a master sample customized by different materials, colors, shapes and graphics.
The upper part (called heads), can have many different shapes like flat, rounded, coin effect, double capped, bowl shaped, pierced, hammered and so on and so forth.

Top-quality and Certified materials

To realize all of our products, we use exclusively Oeko-Tex certified raw materials, which are carefully selected and respectful of all regulations on children safety and general health.

Stylish consultancy

To meet the blossoming flows of creative designers’ ideas, we offer a targeted service of consultancy with our fashion experts to advice in making the right choice by selecting the most appropriate buttons for all needs.
Moreover, our support allows achieving the perfect matching results between our technical experience and current fashion trends.

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